Tabulet has just introduced its newest product, it is called Tabulet Beat. Tabulet Beat is a Digital AV Player capable of playing the video up to Full HD 1080p resolution in a few different formats like mkv, mp4, avi, etc.

Tabulet Beat is best value and portable full HP MP4 player with its own signature user interface. It provides non stop entertainment at your fingertips. It provides thousands of songs on the go. Music indexing with internationally accepted by artist, album, or style and age of the folder navigation to your favorite music index, and a super multi EQ options, and support for custom sound.

Tabulet Beat display is using the LCD screen size 480 x 272 pixels, with a resistive touch screen technology as this able to play 1080p HD quality video. Very entertaining gadget wherever you are.

The design of Tabulet Beat is look like a tablet pc but with the screen is just 4.3 inches. The body of Tabulet Beat made of plastic material that is light weight and the color is white.

There is a simple plain Tabulet logo On the front of Tabulet Beat on the lower right corner.

With its sleek design small and lightweight, the Tabulet Beat has the advantage of easy to carry wherever you are, and even Tabulet Beat can be stored in your pocket.

On the back of the body there are speakers hole on the left. On the upper side there are 4 pieces Tabulet Beat physical buttons namely; power/lock button, menu button, volume up/down button, and the escape.

On the right side of the Tabulet Beat there is a MicroSD memory slot for external storage, you can add MicroSD memory capacity up to 32 GB.

On the left side there are three pieces of ports such as adapter port for power, microUSB charging port for data cable and a 3.5 mm audio port.

On the side of the bottom Tabulet Beat there is only one small hole which serves to reset the Tabulet Beat.

In the sales package includes 1 unit Tabulet Beat, adapter charger, microUSB data cable, headset, audio & video cable to the TV-output, consumption manual, warranty card, and Tabulet sticker.

Features :
  • 4.3-inch touch screen SD
  • High-performance image scaling engine
  • All hardware video decoding DSP
  • TF/Micro SD capacity expansion
  • Collaborative touch button control

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