Referring to Engadget review, we already know about the Super AMOLED Plus display in The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II is without doubt a superior part of hardware and there is no complaint around, but recently some user have come across some perplexing problems with the dark screen and color problem.

Some people at the XDA forums discuss in the problem with The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II at the panels on both the Sprint and T-Mo variants of the Samsung Galaxy SII and turns up some major screen problem between contrast levels and color reproduction.

Also some user reported having odd artifacts, together with lines and blobs that show up when they viewed with the brightness maximized in a dark room.

Now, we'd only just call the badly calibrated display a deal breaker but, for those who are sticklers about that sort of problem, it might be the majority displeasure.

Well, at least there are some people is looking for a potential software fix to the problem.